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Poster: JihadOMuffin Date: Mar 29, 2011 5:23pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: I wonder if Osama listens to the GRATEFUL DEAD?

A Sociopath is someone who does something with no remorse. It is more accurate to call it dis-social personality disorder. They have total disregard for others feelings and societal obligations,they tend to have compulsive and manipulative tendencies.
I defend Islam because I do not know every individual who comprises that group of people and I don't think they are all "Sand Niggers" as OH UM stated. Technically I am not atheist, but agnostic. I think a lot of people are totally brain washed by U.S. media to think that all Arabs are bad people. A quote by Brother Ali(a Midwest rapper)"We have a million dollar a day brown people killing habit." Also I have a couple really good Arab friends whose families still live in the Middle East, and they offer me their perspective. They are good people, they aren't terrorists, they don't deserve to be treated like shit because of Americans who never opened their mind to the millions of ideas and opinions circulating around.

Racism is being biased towards any race. If I being White, said nigger to a black person, and that black person got pissed off, that would be racism. That person got angry because I was a certain color saying a certain word. Same thing if I got pissed by a black person calling me cracker or something along those lines.

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Poster: JihadOMuffin Date: Mar 29, 2011 5:49pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: I wonder if Osama listens to the GRATEFUL DEAD?

I disagree with your statement that drugs we lead to more amoral generation of people. My group of friends do a lot drugs, and believe me we definitely don't seek wild sex and satanic parties. That would be the Fraternities speckled among the college towns. We just like tripping. That is all there is to it, we go deep into the woods and take Mushrooms or LSD, and talk for like ten hours and look at the scenery. I personally think we are more conscious of how we affect the world than most. If anything it has made us total nerds. My good friend Brian has a term for when he shares food with other people, in that he calls it a Joint, so for example a burrito is a burrito joint, so pass it along, everyone take a bite. And Brian just graduated with a Degree in "Green" Mechanical Engineering. He will do lot more for the world than a lot of people. I would say the people I know who I would consider to be the nicest best people in terms of generosity, friendliness, and most caring would be the ones who do the most drugs. Of course just like food people abuse it! But we don't call the obese people who eat McDonalds all day amoral. But you could if you wanted too, a lot people will go hungry tonight.